Live Your Purpose 14th December 2017 7:00 PM - 14th December 2017 9:00 PM Burford House, 83 Mount Nod Road, Lambeth, SW16 2LJ Map


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Live Your Purpose

Vedic yoga philosophy states that there are four pillars required to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. They are Purpose (Dharma), Prosperity (Artha), Pleasure (Kama) and Spiritual Pursuit (Moksha).

And knowing your life purpose or dharma is the most important of the four because the others are guided by purpose.

I've discovered the most accurate biometric system for identifying your purpose and you'll be surprised at what it involves.

You'll uncover hidden talents you didn't know you have that can improve your career/business/self-worth.
You'll understand factors influencing your success, creativity, thinking, energy & relationships.

At this special party you will discover the power of knowing your life's soul map as it appears in both the lines in your palms (which continue to change throughout your life) and on your fingerprints (which have not altered from 16 weeks after conception).


This is not the fortune telling you've been warned about and it doesn't predict your future. Rosaleen is not a gypsy with a crystal ball. This is a proven, tested, learn-able and repeatable system.

Rosaleen provides an in-depth focus all about you. She cannot predict what will happen in your life. You have free will and are free to make your own choices about what you would like to have happen in your own life.

A memorable experience, this intimate gathering is limited to 8 people. After a short presentation, you will each receive a 3 minute laser-focused analysis of your hands. You'll be amazed at its accuracy and how much information can be revealed in 3 minutes. Hearing the other readings will greatly enhance your own.

Rosaleen Bloomfield is a senior yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, Certified Scientific Hand Analyst and Institute of Leadership and Management Coach and Mentor. She also worked in the information technology industry for over 10 years. She studied non-predictive hand analysis in Los Angeles, USA, and is passionate about assisting you to discover who you really are and to understand your unique design so that you can live your best life.

Scientific Hand Analysis is by far the best biometric personality tool available on the market today. It provides specific and accurate information about your talents, challenges, career direction, chakras and

The line formations in your hands reflect the neural patterns and pathways of your brain. They reveal information about your personality to date. In your fingerprints are coded your life purpose or soul's plan for your life.

Curious? Here's what a few of our past attendees have said:

"You blew me away being so accurate about my gifts, motives and drives. The analysis gave me permission to combine all the things I love to do in my life. This is the confirmation I have been seeking, Thanks to you, the shifts I can make in order to move from 'student path to master path' are clear."
Janice Timms, Chelsea, London - yoga teacher

"Thank you for such an inspiring hand analysis. I was walking on air after the reading. I just want to digest all of the amazing details you showered me with. I have listened to the recording three times so far and each time I hear something new! A very healing and motivating experience ... I am really happy I returned for another session. Xx" Miriam Banister, Croydon, Surrey

Sometimes, is bit like to be placed in front of a mirror for the first time in your life, and realise: oh yes that is me! Essential for gaining a better knowledge about oneself and to understand where one needs to work for improving personally and in professional life." Diego Camisoli, Florence, Italy - Web Developer

"My Hand Analysis with Rosaleen was especially helpful in terms of finding out my main archetype/purpose. It turns out it supports my main goals more than I had hoped. It highlighted things I am doing right moving towards my desirable outcome, but it also showed some of the losing strategies I can work to improve. Overall, I'm more confident now that I'm moving in the right direction, and am using this information to fulfil my master plan." Evelina De Lain, Composer & Pianist

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